Trial Registration

IRO Test 2015Registration for the Trial will open in May 2017!

To register for the 2017 IRO Trial, please complete the form_iro_pruefungsanmeldung_test_registration-2017 form and submit via email or mail to the following address:

Elizabeth LaPointe
60 Plain Road
Hollis, NH 03049

or via email to:

The fee for the competition is $30. Please pay via the Paypal link at the right, or mail a money order (made payable to Elizabeth LaPointe) with your test registration.


Also, all competitors must have a scorebook that is either registered with the FCI, or an IRO member organization. If you do not already have a scorebook, you must complete a scorebook-application-19oct2017 and submit it a minimum of 3 weeks prior to the trial as well as submit payment for the scorebook itself. The fee to purchase a score book is $20.00.

Instructions for Registration

IMG_9636-2Please note that only the following tests will be offered:

  • RH-F E (Tracking suitability test)
  • RH-F A (Tracking)
  • RH-F B (Tracking for those who have already passed an “A” level test)
  • RH-T E (Rubble suitability test)
  • RH-T A (Rubble)
  • RH-T B (Rubble for those who have already passed an “A” level test)
  • RH-FL E (Area suitability test)
  • RH-FL A (Area)
  • RH-FL B (Area for those who have already passed an “A” level test)

If time permits, and at the discretion of the judge, for competitors who have earned their “A” level at this trial, we may be able to offer “B” level testing. We would ask that competitors not sign up for this at their initial registration. 

Competitors may trial in more than one test (such as tracking AND rubble), however you must complete separate obedience / agility portions for each test and we will be scheduling the different disciplines on different days. 

Form Instructions: 

Organization: Please list the search and rescue organization that you are a part of (if applicable–this is not a requirement).

Shortened Form: Please note the acronym for your organization (if applicable)

IRO Member: Please note whether your team is an IRO member. Of note, there are 3 IRO member teams in the US: CAST, SDONA and USCA (United Schutzhund Clubs of America). Membership in the IRO is not a requirement of testing.

Dog Handler: Note key details including name, address, phone and email.

Dog:  Note the name, breed and date of birth for the dog. Note: dogs must be at least 14 months old to compete at the “E” level; 18 months to compete at the “A” level and 20 months to compete at the “B” level. Also include the sex of the dog and its unique identification number (tattoo or microchip). If the dog is registered with a breed registry, include the registration number.

Please sign and date the bottom of the form!

Please submit your registration form and money order (or pay via PayPal at right) for $30.00 per entry to the address above.  The money order should be made payable to Elizabeth LaPointe.